Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

The Microsoft office certification is a globally recognized, standards-based credential for validating Microsoft Office skills. It is the premier credential chosen by individuals seeking to validate their skills and advance their careers. The credential enables individuals who attain it to tap the full features and functionality of the Microsoft Office system, resulting in heightened confidence, credibility and differentiation.

In the academic environment, ms office certification enhances scholastic performance and prepares students to enter the workforce. In the job market, individuals can differentiate themselves, prove their skills, enhance job performance and advance their careers. MOS gives individuals the tools to distinguish themselves, achieve more and advance in today’s competitive academic and professional environments.

Career Path

Students still earn a Microsoft Office Specialist certification for each exam they pass. However, if a student earns any three of the four available associate certifications they will become a Microsoft Office Specialist – Associate and earn an additional certification for their accomplishment.

If students would like to advance even further after earning their Associate Certification and they earn any two of the three expert certifications they will become a Microsoft Office Specialist – Expert and achieve the highest certification within the Microsoft Office Specialist Program.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications : 2019/365

MOS_Excel Digital Badge

Microsoft Excel Associate – 2019 / 365 : Exam MO-200

The Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate Certification demonstrates competency in the fundamentals of creating and managing worksheets and workbooks, creating cells and ranges, creating tables, applying formulas and functions and creating charts and objects. The exam covers the ability to create and edit a workbook with multiple sheets, and use a graphic element to represent data visually. Workbook examples include professional-looking budgets, financial statements, team performance charts, sales invoices, and data-entry logs.

MOS_Excel_Expert Digital Badge

Microsoft Excel Expert – 2019 / 365 : Exam MO-201

The Microsoft Certified Excel Expert Certification demonstrates competency in creating, managing, and distributing professional spreadsheets for a variety of specialized purposes and situations. The exam covers the ability to customize Excel environments to meet project needs and to enhance productivity. Expert workbook examples include custom business templates, multiple-axis financial charts, amortization tables, and inventory schedules.

MOS_Word Digital Badge

Microsoft Word Associate – 2019 / 365 : Exam MO-100

The Microsoft Office Specialist: Word Associate Certification demonstrates competency in the correct application of the principle features of Word by creating and editing documents for a variety of purposes and situations. The exam covers the ability to create and maintain professional-looking reports, multi-column newsletters, resumes, and business correspondence.

MOS_Word_Expert Digital Badge

Microsoft Word Expert- 2019 / 365 : Exam MO-101

The Microsoft Certified Word Expert Certification demonstrates competency in creating and managing professional documents for a variety of specialized purposes and situations. The exam covers the ability to customize Word environments to meet project needs, and to enhance productivity. Examples of expert-level documents include a business plan, a research paper, a book, a specialized brochure, and a mass mailing.

MOS_PowerPoint Digital Badge

Microsoft PowerPoint Associate – 2019 / 365 : Exam MO-300

The Microsoft Office Specialist: PowerPoint Associate Certification demonstrates competency to create, edit, and enhance presentations and slideshows. The exam covers the ability to create and manage presentations, insert and format shapes and slides, create slide content, apply transitions and animations and manage multiple presentations. Presentation examples include professional-grade sales presentations, employee training, instructional materials, and kiosk slideshows.

MOS_Access Digital Badge

Microsoft Access Expert – 2019 / 365 : Exam MO-500

The Microsoft Office Specialist: Access Expert Certification demonstrates competency in database design principles. The exam covers the ability to create and maintain Access Database objects including tables, relationships, data entry forms, multilevel reports, and multi-table queries.


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Benefits of Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

  • The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the leading Microsoft certification exams in India.
  • The MOS certification is the only official Microsoft certification in India recognized by Microsoft Corporation
  • MOS is the definitive certification to demonstrate that an individual as the knowledge, skills and abilities to productively and effectively use Microsoft Office applications
  • Achieve industry-recognized global certification and prove you your skills to the employers
  • Enhance your knowledge and strengthen your resume for better job and career growth opportunities
  • Earn your digital badge that you can proudly display in your resume, in emails, or on your social media profiles
  • MOS certification provides you the competitive pre-eminence over your competitors

Microsoft Office Specialist – Sample Certificate



What is the exam format?
Exams are primarily performance-based and conducted in a “live,” or simulated, environment.

How long does a typical exam take?
A typical exam takes up to 50 minutes.

Are MOS exams available in different languages?
Yes, Microsoft offers localized exams for the MOS certification.

Where can I find my exam results?
Exam results are displayed on your screen immediately after you complete an exam.
Those who pass will receive (by mail) an official certificate within approximately two to three weeks.

Can I redeem my exam voucher in any other Certiport Testing Center other than eArk Education?
Yes ,but Please check with center regarding their administration / proctoring microsoft certification exam fees.

How do I register to take an exam?
“Contact eArk Education Services and register to take your exam.
+91 8693 050 500 | [email protected] |”.