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₹18,000 / ₹13,000

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Querying Transact-SQL (70-761)

Transact-SQL is how you communicate with a Microsoft SQL Server to add and retrieve data in their SQL Server databases, a key concept for IT professionals in many roles as the database lies at a crucial stage of operations for businesses in multiple industries.
₹18,000 / ₹13,000

Microsoft Project 2013 (Exam 74-343)

Microsoft Project 2013 is Microsoft’s latest foray into the world of Project Management Information Systems (PMIS). PMIS tools are commonly used to aid anyone involved in projects and project management, from project managers and directors, to everyone involved in all aspects of the project.
₹18,000 / ₹13,000

Microsoft Office 365: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements (70-346)

Microsoft Office has followed other software and technology packages by moving to the cloud and being ubiquitous and accessible from anywhere. The Office 365 subscription service allows you to log in to your Office account from any device, anywhere, as long as your company or organisation has a valid subscription. The service has become incredibly popular: in the fourth quarter of 2017, Office 365 revenue overtook that of traditional Office licence sales for the first time.
₹18,000 / ₹13,000

Microsoft MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals (70-692)

This immersive online training is led by instructors who have many years’ experience in IT and the Microsoft Windows environment especially. The instructional videos will give you visual examples of how to implement your knowledge.
₹18,000 / ₹13,000

Microsoft MTA: Windows Operating System Fundamentals (98-349)

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) qualifications are a recommended starting point for entry-level IT professionals making their way into the IT industry. The Windows Operating System Fundamentals will introduce knowledge of the popular Windows operating system. You will learn about basic management of Windows operating systems and how to ensure an operational and stable Windows environment.
₹18,000 / ₹13,000

Microsoft MTA: Networking Fundamentals (98-366)

Networks connect hardware, software, servers, anything technological, really. The network is the glue that holds technology together; if nothing is connected, how can technology function and communicate? The answer is, it can’t!
₹18,000 / ₹13,000

Microsoft MTA Security Fundamentals (98-367)

Cybersecurity is of paramount importance to maintaining the proficiency and stability of a network and cybersecurity professionals who implement best practices are highly sought-after thanks to their protective skillset.
₹18,000 / ₹13,000

Microsoft MTA Cloud Fundamentals (98-369)

Cloud computing is a phenomenon that has come into place since the turn of the century, such are the leaps that have taken place in technology in recent years. Cloud technology now allows us to be ubiquitously connected at all times to gather information on-demand, a feature which has proved popular with the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices.
₹4,000 / ₹3,200

Cloud Fundamentals Exam 98-369

Python Learning Course
₹12,000 / ₹8,400


₹10,000 / ₹8,250

Retail Banking Diploma

When it comes to being the guardians of people’s hard-earned cash, modern retail banks have a lot of competition on their hands. This means they need to attract the cream of the crop in terms of retail banking employees to gain the edge over their competitors. Whether you’re already working in the retail banking industry or are contemplating a change of career, this fantastic diploma is just what you’re looking for. What Will I Learn? Dealing with people’s money is a serious business, so retail banking professionals are required to be confident and competent with all aspects of modern banking needs, from making deposits, to transferring funds, to opening ISA accounts, to understanding the different types of mortgages and loans available. Not only that, impeccable customer service is at the forefront of every task a retail banking professional is required to complete. How Does the Course Work? The 12 hours of content in this engaging online course is available for you to access for 12 months. Meaning you can easily work towards your goal of forging a career in retail banking around your existing work and family commitments.

Key Learning Points

Accelerate your career in retail banking by gaining this excellent, up-to-date diploma.
  • Gain an insight into the importance of retail banking in the modern banking industry and the history of banking in the UK.
  • Learn about financial markets, capital gains and liquidity.
  • Learn to identify the various types of banking and banking channels such as retail, commercial and investment banking and building societies and central banks.
  • Discover the different roles available in retail banking.
  • Explore the different types of retail banking products and how they differ from what has traditionally been found in the market place.
  • Explore the crucial area of mortgages and loans.
  • Find out about banking services such as current accounts, savings accounts, savings bonds, different types of ISA accounts and bonds.
  • Explore debit and credit cards and learn how to calculate APR.
  • Learn about the different banking payment systems including remittance, fund transfers, online transfers, faster payment service and standing orders and direct debits.
  • Get to grips with financial services including the role of banks as financial intermediaries, mutual fund investments and the ETFs and gilts and bonds investments offered by retail banks.
  • Learn about the emergence of bancassurance in the UK, finance and repayment products and depositor’s credit and overdraft insurance.
  • Find out about gold as foreign exchange, safety deposit locker facilities, payment of council taxes and bills, and BACS and CHAPS payments.
  • Gain an insight into the specialist sector of Islamic banking.
  • Gain an understanding of the crucial area of customer service.
  • Find out what money laundering is and how to be alert to warning signs that it may be taking place.

Advantages of the Course

  • Study at a time and a place that suits you.
  • Manageable modules make the 12 hours of course content easy to engage with and learn from.
  • Enjoy technical support, should difficulties arise.
  • Access to the course content is for 12 months, meaning you can revisit your learning whenever you need to.
  • Enhance your career prospects or embark on a whole new career in retail banking.
  • Prove your retail banking skillset by downloading and printing your industry-recognised certificate with its unique, verifiable code for potential employers to check.
Get to the front of the queue for the best retail banking roles by signing up to the Retail Banking Diploma today. This course is CPD certified.
₹11,000 / ₹7,750

MCSE SQL Server 2012 SharePoint

Master enterprise document and file management as a fully qualified MCSE SQL Server database administrator with additional skills in the deployment and management of SharePoint Server. Once they have completed this intensive hands-on course, students will be ready to sit the MCSE qualification exams and to implement SharePoint-based knowledge base systems.
Software Development Fundamental Exam 98-361
₹4,000 / ₹3,200

Software Development Fundamentals Exam 98-361

₹12,000 / ₹8,400

Core JAVA with Android

Exam Voucher with Study Material Click here for detailed information
₹6,000 / ₹4,250


Why learn Russian?

Choosing to learn Russian is not only rewarding, it’s also a great way to make friends and get to know people – and it makes travelling around countries like Russia and the Ukraine so much easier too.

And it could be easier to learn to speak Russian than you think. Even if you’re a complete novice, before you know it you could be ordering coffee in a café in Red Square, strolling around the summer palace in St Petersburg or taking a selfie outside the Kremlin – and doing it all in Russian!

Everything you need to know when you’re abroad

Engaging audio lessons will introduce you to everyday situations and scenarios, whilst the bilingual recordings will have you speaking the language within minutes.

This step by step course will teach you to:

  • Respond and communicate when you meet people for the first time
  • Order food and drink
  • Start a conversation and get to know someone
  • Talk about family and friends
  • Find your way around and ask for directions
  • Talk about your home and where you live
  • Hire a car and go sightseeing

Choosing to learn with Linguaphone is the ideal way to take your first steps towards speaking Russian with confidence. The course is designed to be easy and enjoyable, following Linguaphone’s popular ‘listen, understand and speak’ methodology.

Features include:

  • 30 bilingual audio lessons – downloadable in MP3 format
  • A full-colour guide in PDF format which can be downloaded to your laptop or Smartphone
  • A printable vocabulary sheet for ease of use
  • Online study – access your lessons from anywhere in the world

By the end of the course you will have mastered over 500 new words and be able to handle everything from greetings and everyday vocabulary to pronunciation and grammar.

Advantages of this course

Learning a foreign language is more than just something that will look good on your CV or come in handy when you’re travelling. In fact, research shows that there are far more benefits than you’d imagine:

  • It boosts brain power and sharpens the mind – the techniques needed to learn another language mean people who speak more than one language have keener, more alert minds and are more perceptive than those that don’t
  • It builds self-confidence – mastering a new skill and being able to communicate in a different tongue naturally increases self-confidence
  • It develops the ability to multi-task – learning to switch between two systems of speech enables multilingual people, especially children, to become skilled multitaskers in other areas too
  • It improves memory and other brain functions –the brain is like a muscle. The more it’s used, the better it works

So why not book a Russian course today – and say ZDRAVSTVUYTE to learning an exciting new language?

₹4,500 / ₹3,250

Working at Height Awareness

Gain a better awareness and understanding of the risks and hazards presented by working at height in this practical and insightful introductory course. Discover why it is so important to be able to identify and manage the potential risks that working at height presents, and learn how you can actively contribute towards creating a safer working environment for employers and employees alike.

There are a number of professions that require employees to work at height for prolonged periods of time such as construction. Many people make the mistake of thinking that unless they work in this or a similar industry then taking a course in working at height safety awareness simply isn't necessary. In fact, it is relevant and applicable for anyone who works at any height that may result in accident or personal injury.

It's important to remember that a person doesn't have to be working at a great height for there to be a potential risk of accident or injury. In fact, even working at a relatively low height can present risks and even a minor fall can cause injury. Landing awkwardly from even a low height can result in nasty bruises or even worse a broken limb. There's also the associated risk that such a fall, however minor, could aggravate a pre-existing medical condition. When we take all this into consideration, it's easy to see why Managing at Height Awareness is a relevant and sensible training option for a great many employees working across a broad range of different industries.

Key Learning Points

Take your career to the next level by enrolling on this engaging introductory-level training course, designed to increase awareness of how to reduce and manage the risks associated with working at height. This course is ideally suited to:

  • Those whose professions require them to work at height and wish to increase their awareness of health and safety regulations, and learn how to manage the risks associated with working at height.
  • Managers and/or supervisors who are responsible for a team of employees who are required to work at height.

Key focus areas of this course include:

  • Gain awareness of the relevant health and safety procedures as applicable to working at height, and understand working at height regulations.
  • Learn to recognise the potential risks and hazards associated with working at height.
  • Increase your awareness of the risk assessment process and learn how it should be properly applied when using access equipment such as ladders or mechanised lifts.
  • Understand the importance of proper planning and recognise the need to implement the appropriate preventative and precautionary measures.
  • Learn to identify and select the correct type of safety equipment and access equipment when planning a project that requires employees to work at height.
  • Recognise why it is so essential to regularly inspect access equipment and ensure that all equipment is properly maintained.
  • Understand the need for accurate record keeping.
  • Gain an appreciation and understanding of the fact that working at height safely is not solely a concern for those working in the construction industry - this training course is useful for anyone who works at any height where there is a potential for accident or injury.
  • Understand the law and its implications in relation to the risks and hazards associated with working at height.

Advantages of this course

  • Gain theoretical and practical knowledge in this introductory entry-level awareness course that can be applied both in the workplace and in a domestic setting.
  • Hosted on our Learning Management System, which is designed to provide an intuitive and succinct user experience.
  • Allows access to a whole range of interactive and innovating digital learning features
  • Adapt the course to complement any learning style, and to fit even the most hectic of schedules.
  • Ability to learn anywhere, at any time and on any device including PC, tablet and mobile phone.
  • Complete this introductory entry-level awareness course and receive an course completion certificate.
₹6,000 / ₹4,250

Microsoft MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration

The database is key to any business, storing vital information about the business, employees, customers, market research and more data which helps your company to run day-to-day. The MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration course is for IT professionals who work in an environment where databases play a key role in their primary responsibilities.
₹4,000 / ₹3,200

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals Exam 98-365

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