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₹9,500 / ₹6,250

Microsoft Office 2016

Progress to an advanced level of Microsoft Office 2016 expertise with this great value courses. Work through the Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses to develop a complete MS Office 2016 skillset that will be useful at work, when running a business and at home.
₹7,500 / ₹4,500

Microsoft Office 365 Online Version

Progress to an advanced level of Microsoft Office 365 expertise with this great value course. Work through the complete courses to develop a complete MS Office 365 skill-set that will be useful at work, when running a business and at home.
₹35,000 / ₹25,000

Project Management Professional (PMP) – University of Dubai

This PMP course is an essential step towards project management excellence, increased employment opportunities and a higher salary that will help open new opportunities in businesses across the world.
₹12,500 / ₹9,000

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Bundle combines the Green Belt Training Materials along with the Green Belt Course Manual and The Certified LSS Green Belt Assessment into a single package for a reduced cost.
₹45,000 / ₹37,500

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with Exam – IASSC ACCREDITED

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Bundle combines the Green Belt Training Materials along with the Green Belt Course Manual and The Certified LSS Green Belt Assessment into a single package for a reduced cost.
Six Sigma Quality Education
₹16,000 / ₹12,500

Six Sigma: Total Quality Applications (University of Dubai)

Learn how to effectively apply the elements and methods of Six Sigma. Understand how more than 25 tools and methods relate to the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) model. Determine the relationship of basic statistics to Six Sigma and learn about the Six Sigma business case including strategic planning, the voice of the customer (VOC), quality function deployment (QFD), benchmarking, and financial investment methods. Discover how to use brainstorming; Pareto charts, and critical quality help define processes, problems, and opportunities. Master the use of other key tools such as cause and effect diagrams, check sheets, scatter diagrams, failure mode and effects analysis (FEMA), and force field analysis. In this course you will learn how to apply the DMAIC model each step of the way. You will learn how to define, plan, implement, and close a Six Sigma project. You will also know how to use process capability and how to apply lean thinking.  You will understand the basics of advanced Six Sigma tools. This course will help you prepare for the internationally recognized Six Sigma Black Belt and Quality Manager exams offered by the American Society for Quality® (ASQ®). WHAT YOU WILL LEARN
  • Learn about Six Sigma business case
  • Develop a basic knowledge of statistics
  • Learn about strategic planning
  • Discover two methods of identifying customer requirements—the voice of the customer (VOC) and quality function deployment (QFD)
  • Learn each component of DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control)
  • Learn to think lean which means doing more with less
  • Instructor-led course
  • 6 weeks in duration
  • Courses begin each month
  • 2 lessons released each week
  • 24 course hours
  • Effectively apply the elements and methods of Six Sigma
  • Be able to define, plan, implement, and close a Six Sigma project
  • Begin preparing for the Six Sigma Black Belt and Quality Manager exams
Prerequisites: Completion of Tony Swaim’s Total Quality Fundamentals.


WHEN CAN I GET STARTED? A new session of each course opens each month, allowing you to enroll whenever your busy schedule permits! HOW DOES IT WORK? Once a session starts, two lessons will be released each week, for the six-week duration of your course. You will have access to all previously released lessons until the course ends. HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO COMPLETE EACH LESSON? The interactive discussion area for each lesson automatically closes 2 weeks after each lesson is released, so you’re encouraged to complete each lesson within two weeks of its release. WHAT IF I NEED AN EXTENSION? The Final Exam will be released on the same day as the last lesson. Once the Final Exam has been released, you will have 2 weeks plus 10 days to complete the Final and finish any remaining lessons in your course. No further extensions can be provided beyond these 10 days
₹9,000 / ₹6,500

WordPress Comprehensive 3 Course Package

This course will show you how to keep your WordPress site backed-up, secure and running at peak-performance. Make a Website, and Secure It. You will use an average of 4 study hours, but there’s no need to feel any pressure.
₹6,000 / ₹4,000

Learn Python Django from Scratch

Want to learn how to develop websites using the Django framework? You’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive, easy-to-follow course will guide you step-by-step from Django novice through to a confident working knowledge of Django that will be consolidated as you progress by hands-on practical exercises and end-of-section quizzes.
₹4,000 / ₹3,200

Cloud Fundamentals Exam 98-369

Python Learning Course
₹12,000 / ₹8,400


₹10,000 / ₹8,250

Retail Banking Diploma

When it comes to being the guardians of people’s hard-earned cash, modern retail banks have a lot of competition on their hands. This means they need to attract the cream of the crop in terms of retail banking employees to gain the edge over their competitors. Whether you’re already working in the retail banking industry or are contemplating a change of career, this fantastic diploma is just what you’re looking for. What Will I Learn? Dealing with people’s money is a serious business, so retail banking professionals are required to be confident and competent with all aspects of modern banking needs, from making deposits, to transferring funds, to opening ISA accounts, to understanding the different types of mortgages and loans available. Not only that, impeccable customer service is at the forefront of every task a retail banking professional is required to complete. How Does the Course Work? The 12 hours of content in this engaging online course is available for you to access for 12 months. Meaning you can easily work towards your goal of forging a career in retail banking around your existing work and family commitments.

Key Learning Points

Accelerate your career in retail banking by gaining this excellent, up-to-date diploma.
  • Gain an insight into the importance of retail banking in the modern banking industry and the history of banking in the UK.
  • Learn about financial markets, capital gains and liquidity.
  • Learn to identify the various types of banking and banking channels such as retail, commercial and investment banking and building societies and central banks.
  • Discover the different roles available in retail banking.
  • Explore the different types of retail banking products and how they differ from what has traditionally been found in the market place.
  • Explore the crucial area of mortgages and loans.
  • Find out about banking services such as current accounts, savings accounts, savings bonds, different types of ISA accounts and bonds.
  • Explore debit and credit cards and learn how to calculate APR.
  • Learn about the different banking payment systems including remittance, fund transfers, online transfers, faster payment service and standing orders and direct debits.
  • Get to grips with financial services including the role of banks as financial intermediaries, mutual fund investments and the ETFs and gilts and bonds investments offered by retail banks.
  • Learn about the emergence of bancassurance in the UK, finance and repayment products and depositor’s credit and overdraft insurance.
  • Find out about gold as foreign exchange, safety deposit locker facilities, payment of council taxes and bills, and BACS and CHAPS payments.
  • Gain an insight into the specialist sector of Islamic banking.
  • Gain an understanding of the crucial area of customer service.
  • Find out what money laundering is and how to be alert to warning signs that it may be taking place.

Advantages of the Course

  • Study at a time and a place that suits you.
  • Manageable modules make the 12 hours of course content easy to engage with and learn from.
  • Enjoy technical support, should difficulties arise.
  • Access to the course content is for 12 months, meaning you can revisit your learning whenever you need to.
  • Enhance your career prospects or embark on a whole new career in retail banking.
  • Prove your retail banking skillset by downloading and printing your industry-recognised certificate with its unique, verifiable code for potential employers to check.
Get to the front of the queue for the best retail banking roles by signing up to the Retail Banking Diploma today. This course is CPD certified.
Microsoft Office Excel 2016

Microsoft Office Excel

Do you want to add a highly relevant and precious skill to your resume? We offer you the opportunity to add such a valuable skill by offering advanced Excel training in Mumbai.
Big Data Programming & Development
₹12,000 / ₹8,400

Big Data Programming & Development

Exam Voucher with Study Material Click here for detailed information
₹4,000 / ₹3,500

Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals

Even if you’ve already got a good working knowledge of Python, the world’s most concise and accessible programming language, it’s crucial to make sure your skillset is up to date to keep abreast of new innovations and stay ahead of the pack in a competitive careers market. This course will guide you through how to create Python applications using the most up to date programming techniques currently available.

Get Confident in Open-Oriented Programming

In Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals, you will build on your existing Python expertise to learn how to create both easy and advanced maintainable Python applications using the modern standard programming technique, Object Oriented Programming. Not only will updating your Python skills boost your CV and make you more employable, gaining the ability to learn an easier method of coding will make you more productive, meaning your coding experience will also be more pleasurable. In other words, it’s a win-win situation!

Easy-to-access Learning

In addition to quickly becoming confident in the new approach to programming expected from most employers, you will benefit from the course’s informal style and the fact that the necessary new software will be downloaded and installed as you progress. This means you can create newly featured Python applications as part of the learning process, giving you hands-on, practical experience as you progress.


Get ahead of the pack and get clued up with modern Python coding today.

  • In the Introduction to the Course you will get an overview before moving on to installing Python IDE.
  • The Essential Constructs section covers class construct, the special_init_method, attributes, methods, class variables, obtaining class attribute values and the main method before moving on to a section summary, live demo and project explanation.
  • The Python Object section deals with how to create an object, obtaining object attributes, changing object attribute values and accessing object methods before again ending with a section summary, live demo and exercise explanation.


  • Access the four hours of content at a time and place convenient to you, across all your devices, including your phone.
  • Every section is clearly introduced and summed up to enhance and consolidate your learning experience.
  • Print off your certificate of completion to prove your bang up-to-date Python programming skills to potential employers.
  • Relaxed style is easy to engage with and staff are on hand to answer any technical questions you may have as you progress through the course.
  • Your new found ability to maintain and organise Python code more efficiently will not just enhance your experience of coding with Python, it will boost your career prospects too.

Stay ahead of the pack and invest in your future Python programming career by signing up for Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals today.

₹4,500 / ₹3,250

Fire Awareness

Develop an understanding of the nature of fire, identify the potential risks that fire presents and learn how to apply this knowledge practically in a workplace environment.

Fire is an ever-present risk in many workplaces, and when fire does break out and these risks become a reality, sadly the consequences can often prove to be devastating. In emergency situations, one of the biggest causes of accident and injury is panic - panic, as a result of people being unsure as to what actions should be taken and what procedures should be followed. Therefore, it is vital that employees equip themselves with a basic knowledge of the risks presented by fire, and an understanding of what actions they should take to manage these risks in the event of a fire taking place.

Fire can occur in all manner of working environments, so this basic awareness course is aimed at anyone who wants to increase their awareness of fire safety. It teaches students how to apply this knowledge in a practical way that helps to promote a healthier and safer work environment for everyone. In an emergency situation, knowledge is key. Therefore, those who have an understanding of the nature of fire and how it spreads are far better equipped to reduce the risk and prevent a fire from occurring in the first place.

Key Learning Points

  • Teaches students the importance of adhering to fire safety regulations, and how a pragmatic approach to fire safety can benefit all those in any given company/business/organisation, and across a broad range of industries and sectors.
  • Equips students with invaluable knowledge and awareness of fire safety regulation and best practices that is useful in both a work-based and domestic context.
  • Provides students with an awareness of health and safety best practices in the event of a fire breaking out in the workplace (or at home).
  • Allows students to reduce risks and help to protect themselves and others, from the devastating physical, emotional and financial consequences of a fire.

Upon successful completion of the Fire Safety Awareness course, students are able to:

  • Know the risks presented by fire in the workplace.
  • Identify suitable fire prevention and protection measures.
  • Implement risk-management strategies in order reduce the risk of fire breaking out in the first place.
  • Understand the nature of fire including the combustion process and how this can cause fire to spread.
  • Recognise the importance of fire safety awareness and how this awareness can be practically applied in a workplace context.
  • Have full confidence that they know what actions should be taken in the event of a fire being discovered and/or taking place in their place of work.
  • Appreciate why it is so vital for every company/business/organisation to have appropriate fire safety procedures in place, and why they must ensure that all staff know what to do in the event of a fire being discovered.

Advantages of this course

  • Have exclusive access to our innovative Learning Management System, optimised to provide students with a fast and clean user experience.
  • Cost-effective and flexible learning solution for those looking to enhance their knowledge base, increase their employment opportunities and maximise their earning potential.
  • Students can keep track of their progress via access to test scores results throughout the duration of the course.
  • Consists of diverse multimedia and interactive quizware that's specifically designed to appeal to any learning style, whether a student’s learning style is visual, practical or academic.
  • Students who successfully complete the course will receive an course completion certificate.
₹11,000 / ₹7,750

IT Cloud Architect Specialist Training Pack (with Microsoft, CompTIA & Cisco)

Cloud computing is proving to be more and more popular, particularly with businesses whose employees increasingly work remotely. This fantastic-value online package is tailored to get you up-to-speed with this exciting and innovative area.

What Does the Course Include?

Start by getting your networking and switching skills up to date by gaining the skillset needed to pass CompTIA Security+ 2014, CompTIA Network+ 2015 and CompTIA Cloud+ certification. Move on to the content that will prepare you to pass the Cisco 100-105 and Cisco 200-105 exams, a first step to achieving the Cisco Switching and Routing certification. You’ll also gain the expertise to pass the Cisco 200-355 base level certification. Finally you’ll complete a Microsoft MCSE introductory course to the monitoring and operation of a private cloud.

How Do I Study?

This online course isn’t just great-value, it’s incredibly time effective for busy professionals who need to fit their study around existing commitments and who can’t commit to a regular weekly class. The incorporation of Live Labs means students complete the package with real-world skills rather than just theoretical knowledge.


Work through the easy-to-access modules to advance your technical skillset.

  • Start by securing your CompTIA Security+ knowledge on networking terminology, locking down a network, wireless, security terminology, policies and standards, physical security, risk analysis, disaster recovery, business continuity, business impact analysis, computer forensics, attack types, system security threats, security assessments, monitoring and auditing, authentication, access control, mitigating security threats, implementing system security, cryptography and public key infrastructure.
  • Update your network skills by learning about networking standards, network cabling and transmission, TCP/IP, network devices, wireless network, wide area network, remote access, network security, building scalable high performance networks and monitoring and troubleshooting networks.
  • Learn about models, service and delivery models, terms and characteristics and objects storage concepts.
  • Get to grips with virtualisation, the installation, configuration and management of VM and devices, virtual disks, switches and resource migration, the benefits of virtualisation in a cloud environment and comparing and contrasting virtual environments.
  • Find out about infrastructure, access protocols, storage configuration, file systems types, executing storage provisioning, network sharing, implementing appropriate network configurations, network optimisation, network protocols, hardware resources and troubleshooting basic network configuration and commands.
  • Learn about resource management, establishing baselines and thresholds, appropriately allocating physical host resources and virtual guest resources and using appropriate tools for remote access.
  • Get confident with security including storage security concepts and methods, different encryption technologies and access control methods.
  • Get to grips with system management, diagnosing, remediating and optimising, common performance concepts and testing techniques.
  • Explore business continuity in the cloud and solutions to meet availability requirements.
  • Get the expertise to pass the Cisco 101-105 ICND1 certification focussing on OSI model, host to host, LAN switching, LAN cabling media, IOS basics, basic switch op, VLANS Trunking, IPv4, VLSM, static route, access control route, Cisco routers, WAN Connect, NAT PAT, securing remote access, Cisco dynamic routing, Cisco OSPF, Cisco IOS, IPv6 and more.
  • Implement Cisco wireless network fundamentals with wireless basics, standards, signals, management and security, antennae, topologies, frame types, planning coverage, architectures, stand alone and cloud deployments, controller-based deployments, controller discovery, roaming, radio resource management, WLAN configuration, guest networks, client connectivity, interference and troubleshooting.
  • Move from Cisco 100-101 ICND1 to Cisco 200-105 ICND2 by studying advanced switching, VTP, VLAN routing, spanning protocol, LAN security, Layer 2 Redundancy, WAN technology and connections, frame relay, HDLC PPP, RIPv2, RIPv2 II, EtherChannel, EIGRP, OSPF, Layer 3 Redundancy and network management.
  • Add to your Microsoft MCSE skillset by learning all you need to know to monitor and operate a Private Cloud 2012 before progressing to configuring and deploying a Private Cloud 2012.


  • Live Labs content allows you practice your new skillset in real-life scenarios.
  • Expert instructors with over 15 years’ professional experience use real-world scenarios to enhance students’ practical learning experience.
  • Visual demonstrations, multimedia presentations, learning games and flash cards make learning fun, engaging and appealing to a wide range of learning styles.
  • Technical support is available, should you run into difficulties.
  • Pause, rewind and fast-forward the modules using the easy-to-use navigation and controls.
  • Access the course for a full 12 months from sign-up date.
  • Getting up-to-speed with the very latest in cloud computing is a career-savvy move that will get you noticed by potential employers.

Make your cloud computing skillset soar by signing up for IT Cloud Architect Specialist Training Pack (with Microsoft CompTIA & Cisco) today.

₹18,000 / ₹13,000

Microsoft Office 365: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements (70-346)

Microsoft Office has followed other software and technology packages by moving to the cloud and being ubiquitous and accessible from anywhere. The Office 365 subscription service allows you to log in to your Office account from any device, anywhere, as long as your company or organisation has a valid subscription. The service has become incredibly popular: in the fourth quarter of 2017, Office 365 revenue overtook that of traditional Office licence sales for the first time.
₹7,000 / ₹5,000

Diploma In Transport Management

Transport sits at the heart of modern business and society. We all need to travel at some point in our lives, and the goods we buy are transported to retail outlets, or directly to our doors.

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