Safety in the Workplace

Safety in the Workplace

₹6,000 ₹4,250

“Have you had an accident at work lately?” – thanks to adverts like this, if someone has an accident at your place of work, chances are it will cost your company money, sometimes a lot of money, depending on the severity of the incident in question.

Not only can there be a potentially huge financial cost involved, the cost to your organisation’s reputation could be far worse.


You will be able to identify safety problems, and become more efficient at solving them.

You will learn to create incident reports.


Your company will save money in the long run by ensuring high safety standards, thus resulting in better safety for your employees.

Units of study
  • Understand the difference between a safety program and a safety culture
  • Use resources to help you understand the regulations in your area
  • Launch a safety committee
  • Identify hazards and reduce them
  • Apply hiring measures that can improve safety
  • Explain what a safety training program will involve
  • Identify groups particularly at risk for injury and know how to protect them
  • Help your organization write, implement, and review a safety plan
  • Respond to incidents and near misses
  • Understand the basics of accident investigation and documentation
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