Python Programming: From Beginner To Intermediate

Python Programming: From Beginner To Intermediate

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Python is a popular programming language that can be used in many aspects of computer science. With this intensive course you’ll work from beginner to intermediate level material, with some fascinating Python content in between. With over 10 hours of course content and training, plus additional resources, this course is sure to help you speak another tech language.

What Does This Course Include?

This e-learning course has many hours of intense video training, starting from the basics and working its way up to more intermediate level material. You can expect step by step guides on everything from functional language concepts to website scraping, an introduction to the Python integrated development environment called iPython, and various machine learning concepts.

Why Choose This Course?

Students or professionals can take this e-learning with zero experience, so this is a great opportunity to pick up a new skill whatever your background, whether you are a student, or a professional looking to add to their portfolio. E-Learning is a flexible affordable way to pick up computer programming, and this video training will easily fit into your daily life.


To gain an understanding of the theory and practice of Python programming, and be able to perform various exercises in the iPython environment.

  • Start from the beginning and gain a solid understand of Python programming and the iPython integrated development environment.
  • Learn how to apply easy machine learning concepts in a Python environment.
  • Get to grips with writing Python programs graded moderate level complexity.
  • Learn about and perform advanced text processing, which includes splitting articles into different sentences and words and manipulating them.
  • Become familiar with working with excel spreadsheet and zip files.
  • Look further into object orientated programming in the context of Python.
  • Begin to apply classification, clustering and summarisation concepts that form a part of machine learning and natural language processing.
  • Familiarise yourself with functional language constructs, automated reports and website scraping.
  • Pick up programming, even if you have no experience.


  • Learn from material prepared by instructors with decades of experience in the field.
  • Flexible learning so you can work through the course and exercises at your own pace.
  • An affordable way to pick up beginner and more advanced Python skills.
  • New content and learning material that will also benefit existing computer science students.
  • Will look great on your CV if you are looking for future programming opportunities.
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