Photoshop Lightroom 2

Photoshop Lightroom 2

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Progress your knowledge of photo organisation and optimisation software, and delve into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0. Learn how to effectively manage your image library and take full control of your photography with this outstanding piece of software. Utilise the application’s tools to organise, optimise and output your photographs without swapping between workspaces – it can all be done with a click of the mouse, and by the time you’ve completed the course, you’ll find it simple, every step of the way.

A Toolkit of Features

Learn how to optimise your photos with some popular image editing techniques that can make a massive difference to the photograph and provide a result that is simply stunning. A simple move, such as removing the red-eye from your favourite image, can transform a photograph from mediocre to marvellous, and with Lightroom 2.0, you can make these adjustments with refinement and expertise. Once you have finalised your images, you can also export them as prints, or as a slideshow, for friends and family to enjoy, time and time again.

Study Online, Whenever You Like

The course is broken down into eleven manageable chapters, which can all be studied online at your own convenience. Sign into the courseware whenever you have the free time to do so, and enjoy the flexibility that distance learning can offer. If you’re an avid photographer and would like to develop your skills with Lightroom 2 in order to optimise and organise your images, or you’re hoping to get ahead of the competition and use your honed CV to secure the job of your dreams, signing up to this course today, and working through the average 8 hours of material, would be a great place to start!

Key Learning Points

Ideally suited for those with an interest in photography and optimising images, this course in Photoshop Lightroom is a great resource for both professional and amateur photographers. Study alongside courses in other Adobe products, such as Photoshop Elements, for well-rounded comprehension.

  • Explore an overview of the Lightroom interface, understand the Lightroom catalogue and personalise your collection with identity plates.
  • Learn how to import images and set up a catalogue of images for you to work with.
  • Learn how to use the image library, including the management of photo collections and grouping of photos into stacks.
  • Gain insight into metadata, and how it can be assigned to help organise images and to recover them with ease.
  • Learn how to make global corrections including cropping images, white balancing images and adjusting tone.
  • Make local corrections to some of the popular issues, by using tools including the graduated filter tool, adjustment brush tool and the detail and vignettes panels.
  • Learn how to edit images in external software, including Photoshop and other, third party, applications.
  • Take a tour of the slideshow module and gain the insight needed to create your own slideshow of images by building a slide layout, adding overlay items to the slides and previewing the slideshow before exporting it.
  • Be able to choose a web gallery engine and learn how to apply a template, customise the layout, upload the images and create a gallery that suits your requirements.

Advantages of this course

  • Learn away from the computer with reference guides and tutorials that can be printed off and taken with you.
  • Enjoy beautiful personal photos worthy of display.
  • Take your photography hobby or studies to the next level – or continue to build on your skills and go pro!
  • Become a dab hand at photo editing using Lightroom, and add it to your CV to impress prospective employers.
  • Interactive simulations to help you apply your new-found knowledge practically.
  • Track your progress with self-assessments, including multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank exercises.
  • Free upgrades to the course for the duration of the 12 months, so that students can benefit from any syllabus upgrades or adjustments.

Create a picture perfect future and sign up to this in-depth Lightroom course today!


Units of study
The Lightroom Catalog & Work Environment
  • Understanding the Lightroom Catalog
  • Overview of the Lightroom Interface
  • Personalizing Your Collection with Identity Plates
Library Module : Importing & Setting Up a Catalog
  • Importing Images: Previewing, File Handling, Organizing
  • Importing Images: Information to Apply
  • Exploring Grid & Loupe View Options
  • A Quick Tour of the Library
  • Creating Naming Template Presets & Batch Renaming
Library Module : Using an Image Library
  • Managing Files & Folders
  • Managing Photo Collections
  • Grouping Photos into Stacks
  • Creating a Virtual Copy of an Image
  • Flagging, Rating & Color Labeling Photos
Library Module : Tagging & Finding Images
  • Assigning Metadata
  • Storing & Reading Metadata
  • Organizing Images with Keywords
  • Assigning Attributes with the Painter Tool
  • Using Survey View
  • Using Compare View
  • Finding & Filtering Your Images
Develop Module : Making Global Corrections
  • Cropping Images
  • White Balancing Images
  • Adjusting Tone & Presence
  • Using the Tone Curve Panel
  • Making HSL & Color Adjustments
  • Working with Grayscale & Split Tones
Develop Module : Making Local Corrections
  • Removing Red Eye & Spots
  • Using the Graduated Filter Tool
  • Using the Adjustment Brush Tool
  • Working with the Detail Panel
  • The Vignettes Panel
  • Before & After View
  • Copying, Pasting & Synchronizing Edit Settings
  • History & Snapshots
  • Saving & Applying Develop Presets
  • Camera Calibration
  • Using the Quick Develop Panel
External Editing
  • Editing in Photoshop
  • Editing in Third Party Applications
  • Setting Export Parameters
  • Saving Export Presets
  • Export Plug-ins & the Lightroom Plug-in Manager
  • Post-Processing after Export
Slideshow Module : Creating Presentations
  • Touring the Slideshow Module & Building a Slide Layout
  • Adding Overlay Items to Your Slides
  • Previewing, Saving & Exporting a Slideshow
Print Module : Contact Sheets, Packages & Prints
  • Using the Contact Sheet Layout Engine
  • Using the Picture Package Layout Engine
  • Print Job Options
Web Module : Photo Web Presentation
  • Choosing a Web Gallery Engine
  • Applying a Template & Customizing the Layout
  • Previewing, Saving, Uploading & Exporting Your Site
  • Credits
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