Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint Presentation Training

Employees are often asked to present information in a clear and simple way at modern day workplace environments. When you make a presentation, you must grab and maintain the attention of your audience. It can be easily done if you make use of Microsoft Office PowerPoint during your presentation effectively.

Learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 to create presentations

eArk Education Services offer the most advanced PowerPoint presentation training in India to convey your points convincingly. Our course teaches you how to make a presentation in an organized, clear and engaging manner. You can learn how to utilize Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for creating captivating presentations.

Our PowerPoint presentation training in India puts forward the best ways of using

a wide spectrum of features and functionality contained within PowerPoint 2016. We make you familiarize with the most advanced way of organizing your content and perform a highly inspiring multimedia presentation using high-impact visuals.
Weekend and Weekdays batches available


  • Create a presentation
  • Insert and format slides
  • Modify slides, handouts, and notes
  • Order and group slides
  • Change presentation options and views
  • Configure a presentation for print
  • Configure and present a slide show
  • Insert and format text
  • Insert and format shapes and text boxes
  • Insert and format images
  • Order and group objects
  • Insert and format tables
  • Insert and format charts
  • Insert and format SmartArt graphics
  • Insert and manage media
  • Apply slide transitions
  • Animate slide content
  • Set timing for transitions and animations
  • Merge content from multiple presentations
  • Finalize presentations


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