Artificial intellegence

Artificial intellegence


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of study that helps to believe software systems that behave ‘intelligently’. In other words, it is all about making machines that can perceive, reason and perform intelligent task like an intelligent human being. AI is achieved by first studying about how human brain thinks, learn, understand, decide and perform on a problem he/she is trying to solve. The outcome of such study is then used as a basis of developing intelligent software and systems.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to revolutionize the way businesses are going to operate in the immediate future. Do you want to identify the most reliable and advanced artificial intelligence training in Mumbai? You can choose eArk Education Services because we provide the best training in artificial intelligence (AI) following a comprehensive syllabus. We help you build a rewarding career in AI with our course.

Excellent syllabus, advanced learning methodologies and rewarding career

Our syllabus comprises of all relevant topics with minute attention to detail. You can come across highly effective and advanced leaning methodologies with us. We have designed a student-friendly curriculum to make the learning process enjoyable and result oriented. Our course is highly effective for IT professionals, IT consultants, IT freshers and any graduates with programming knowledge. If you make use of our artificial intelligence training in Mumbai, you can pursue a highly rewarding career immediately.

Weekend batches


  • Fundamentals of Artificial intelligence
  • Intelligent Agents and Environment
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence Search Algorithms
  • Fuzzy Logic Systems in Artificial Intelligence
  • Expert Systems
  • Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing
  • Perception
  • Robotics

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