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Python Web Programming

Want to become confident in coding so you can build your own website, develop your fantastic idea for a new app, or even launch a career in web programming? The good news is you can make these dreams an achievable reality with accessible Python Web Programming course, which is especially designed to get you confident in coding in just seven hours – that’s less than a day’s work!

Accessible and In Demand

Python is the most popular coding language on the planet and the favoured program of search engine king Google and social media giants Instagram and Pinterest no less. Not only that, it’s designed with accessibility, simplicity and versatility in mind, making it the clear choice for people keen to get ahead of the pack in the competitive world of modern coding.

Learning at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re an experienced programmer who wants to master Python, an aspiring web or app developer or simply someone who wants to become code literate to enhance a career or a hobby, this easy to access course, broken down into 57 bitesize, informal lectures is the answer for you. All you need to get started on your exciting learning journey through the innovative concepts and foundational principles of Python is a computer and PC, Mac or Linux operating system.


It’s easier than you think to make your coding ambitions a reality with the Python Web Programming course.

  • Python programming may be a huge subject, but the Course Introduction will set you on your path to your new-found expertise, taking one easy-to-follow step at a time.
  • Once you’ve got to grips with the basics, build on your knowledge with the Python Programming Review, where you’ll be expertly guided through modules and introduced to the concept of Object Oriented Programming.
  • The next step is to move on to the Basic Database (SQLite) with Python section. Here, you’ll find an introduction to SQ Lite, learn about creating a database and table before moving on to inserting data, inserting dynamic data, reading data and limiting, updating and deleting.


  • Whether you plan to use your skills at home or at work, your new-found Python proficiency is an accessible and time and cost effective way to get confident with the world’s most versatile coding program.
  • Monetise your new-found coding confidence and unleash your creativity by becoming an in-demand Python programmer.
  • Python Web Programming is designed to demystify the world of Python programming and give you all the skills necessary to make the creative and efficient web-based programme you’ve been dreaming of a reality.
  • As Python demands less code, less time and less difficult concepts than all other coding languages, it’s the ideal program for those new to object-oriented coding or programming altogether, making it an ideal springboard into the vast world of coding.
  • Boost your CV and open up a whole new world of career and creative possibilities with your new-found coding skills.
  • Once you sign up, the course is yours for 12 months to return to again and again, should you wish to revisit or refresh your learning at a later date.
  • The course’s high quality content includes opportunities to test your knowledge by working with building real Python programs.

Sign up to Python Web Programming today to get your coding career off to a flying start.

₹10,000 / ₹5,000

Python Programming: From Beginner To Intermediate

Python is a popular programming language that can be used in many aspects of computer science. With this intensive course you’ll work from beginner to intermediate level material, with some fascinating Python content in between. With over 10 hours of course content and training, plus additional resources, this course is sure to help you speak another tech language.

What Does This Course Include?

This e-learning course has many hours of intense video training, starting from the basics and working its way up to more intermediate level material. You can expect step by step guides on everything from functional language concepts to website scraping, an introduction to the Python integrated development environment called iPython, and various machine learning concepts.

Why Choose This Course?

Students or professionals can take this e-learning with zero experience, so this is a great opportunity to pick up a new skill whatever your background, whether you are a student, or a professional looking to add to their portfolio. E-Learning is a flexible affordable way to pick up computer programming, and this video training will easily fit into your daily life.


To gain an understanding of the theory and practice of Python programming, and be able to perform various exercises in the iPython environment.

  • Start from the beginning and gain a solid understand of Python programming and the iPython integrated development environment.
  • Learn how to apply easy machine learning concepts in a Python environment.
  • Get to grips with writing Python programs graded moderate level complexity.
  • Learn about and perform advanced text processing, which includes splitting articles into different sentences and words and manipulating them.
  • Become familiar with working with excel spreadsheet and zip files.
  • Look further into object orientated programming in the context of Python.
  • Begin to apply classification, clustering and summarisation concepts that form a part of machine learning and natural language processing.
  • Familiarise yourself with functional language constructs, automated reports and website scraping.
  • Pick up programming, even if you have no experience.


  • Learn from material prepared by instructors with decades of experience in the field.
  • Flexible learning so you can work through the course and exercises at your own pace.
  • An affordable way to pick up beginner and more advanced Python skills.
  • New content and learning material that will also benefit existing computer science students.
  • Will look great on your CV if you are looking for future programming opportunities.
₹4,000 / ₹3,500

Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals

Even if you’ve already got a good working knowledge of Python, the world’s most concise and accessible programming language, it’s crucial to make sure your skillset is up to date to keep abreast of new innovations and stay ahead of the pack in a competitive careers market. This course will guide you through how to create Python applications using the most up to date programming techniques currently available.

Get Confident in Open-Oriented Programming

In Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals, you will build on your existing Python expertise to learn how to create both easy and advanced maintainable Python applications using the modern standard programming technique, Object Oriented Programming. Not only will updating your Python skills boost your CV and make you more employable, gaining the ability to learn an easier method of coding will make you more productive, meaning your coding experience will also be more pleasurable. In other words, it’s a win-win situation!

Easy-to-access Learning

In addition to quickly becoming confident in the new approach to programming expected from most employers, you will benefit from the course’s informal style and the fact that the necessary new software will be downloaded and installed as you progress. This means you can create newly featured Python applications as part of the learning process, giving you hands-on, practical experience as you progress.


Get ahead of the pack and get clued up with modern Python coding today.

  • In the Introduction to the Course you will get an overview before moving on to installing Python IDE.
  • The Essential Constructs section covers class construct, the special_init_method, attributes, methods, class variables, obtaining class attribute values and the main method before moving on to a section summary, live demo and project explanation.
  • The Python Object section deals with how to create an object, obtaining object attributes, changing object attribute values and accessing object methods before again ending with a section summary, live demo and exercise explanation.


  • Access the four hours of content at a time and place convenient to you, across all your devices, including your phone.
  • Every section is clearly introduced and summed up to enhance and consolidate your learning experience.
  • Print off your certificate of completion to prove your bang up-to-date Python programming skills to potential employers.
  • Relaxed style is easy to engage with and staff are on hand to answer any technical questions you may have as you progress through the course.
  • Your new found ability to maintain and organise Python code more efficiently will not just enhance your experience of coding with Python, it will boost your career prospects too.

Stay ahead of the pack and invest in your future Python programming career by signing up for Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals today.

₹4,500 / ₹4,000

Data Analysis with Python and Pandas

As a Python programmer, you already know that this general purpose programming language, as used by Google, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few, is the most accessible and versatile coding language out there. So why not use the Python knowledge you already have to get yourself work-ready in one of the most in-demand job skills of the moment, data analysis?

Be a Data Goldminer

These days, almost every company we interact with gathers data on us. However to benefit from this vast mine of information, businesses need skilled experts like you to interpret their data so they can boost their profits and improve their customer experience. By learning to efficiently analyse data, manipulate data sets and master data mining in Python, you’ll not only be at the forefront of this exciting and ever-expanding new career option, you’ll gain a brand new skill set that can also be used for various other applications.

Learn in Your Spare Time

With 51 easy-to-access lectures across six hours of video, the Data Analysis with Python and Pandas course is accessible at a time and a place that suits you. Not only that, informal style makes learning a pleasure. With Python installed and a knowledge of the language, you are all set to start your journey in a much in-demand new career in data analysis.


Start building on your Python expertise today to become a professional and proficient data analyst.

  • Learn the fundamental principles of Pandas, the library of data structures you’ll be using in conjunction with Python.
  • Move on to more complex operations you’ll be running in conjunction with Pandas including data manipulation, logical categorising, statistical functions and applications and more.
  • Get confident working with missing data, combining data, working with databases before tackling advanced operations such as resampling, correlation, mapping and buffering.
  • As well as mastering the Pandas open source library for numerical data, you’ll also work with the NumPy library of high level mathematical functions, which was created as an extension to Python to support large multi-dimensional arrays and matrices.


  • Gaining more in-depth knowledge of the Python programming language not only gives you new skills in data analysis, it allows for a wide variety of applications and ultimately makes learning more advanced coding languages easier.
  • Boost your CV by learning this much in demand skill in the modern workplace.
  • Print off your certificate of completion to prove your data analysis know-how to potential employers.
  • Access the course at a time and place that suits you, across all devices including your phone.
  • The course is yours for 12 months to revisit whenever you need to and the informal style is designed to keep distraction at bay, meaning you stay alert and engaged throughout your learning journey.

It makes sense to join an exploding career sector using what is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular programming languages, so sign up to Data Analysis with Python and Pandas today!

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