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₹6,000 / ₹4,250

Wedding Photography

Harness your passion for photography and your intrinsic creativity, and put them to good use in the highly rewarding wedding photography industry. Learn more about what makes a good wedding photographer, and pick up some invaluable skills and expertise, by signing up to this comprehensive online course, comprising video tutorials and exclusive content.
₹6,000 / ₹4,250

The Art of Travel Photography

Take the best shot every time with this exclusive travel photography online course, that will help you to master various photography techniques that can be utilised on your adventures. Whether you’re a professional photographer or you point and click for fun, there’s a big difference between amateur and professional pictures, but with this course, even if you aren’t a pro, you can look like you are!
₹6,000 / ₹3,500

Photography Masterclass

Get snap happy with this exciting and comprehensive photography course, which includes brand new lessons to coincide with this brand new year! Whether you’re hoping to develop a career in the field, or you’d like to complete the course for personal benefit, this complete guide to photography will ensure you know the difference between aperture and autofocus in no time at all!
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