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₹7,000 / ₹5,000

Interpersonal Skills

You will master the interpersonal skills needed to exude confidence and charisma, necessary traits in today’s competitive workplace environment.
₹7,000 / ₹5,000

Diploma In Transport Management

Transport sits at the heart of modern business and society. We all need to travel at some point in our lives, and the goods we buy are transported to retail outlets, or directly to our doors.
₹8,500 / ₹6,000

Diploma In Operations Management

Operations is an area of management that is multi-disciplined, and involves a range of tactical, logistical and strategic responsibilities. In larger, multi–layered businesses an operations manager will control and organise the core function/purpose of the business, and this operations management course is designed to equip you with the skills needed to flourish in this role.
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