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₹12,500 / ₹9,000

Time Management

All of us feel pressure to get things done at work, and from time to time this can become stressful when it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. This short, great-value online course is designed to empower you to take back control by learning time management skills.
₹8,500 / ₹6,000

Data Protection

Whether you’re a business owner or someone who deals with data within a larger organisation, complying with the Data Protection Act is a crucial responsibility, that if neglected could cost your business dearly in legal fees following a breach.
₹12,500 / ₹9,000

Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively is a key life skill that’s essential in a wide range of workplaces. Whether you need to communicate with customers in a customer-facing role, or with colleagues, good communication can make all the difference to whether you’re successful in your position.
₹12,500 / ₹9,000

An Introduction to Conflict Management

No matter what kind of business you work in, there will always be issues within teams. Dealing with the ensuing conflicts is one of the biggest challenges of any managerial role. This great-value, short online course is designed to help you deal with the inevitable conflicts you will be expected to resolve, calmly and efficiently.
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